“Mindfulness teaches us to direct our attention to what is happening right here, right now, with an attitude of kindness towards ourselves and our experience. This “being with” ourselves is in contrast with more habitual states of mind in which we are often preoccupied with memories, fantasies, worries or planning. Yet, the capacity to be present is innate to each one of us and can be deliberately cultivated, alongside our capacity for kindness. Although we are often unaware of the current of our thinking, it has a profound effect on how we live our lives, as well on our mental and emotional health.” – mindfulness.ie


Morning & Evening Courses in Relaxation & Meditation.

A 6 week course in Mindfulness to help you deal with stress, anxiety and learn some coping mechanisms to manage everyday life. Facilitators are both Mindfulness therapists with experience of working in the areas of mental health and wellbeing.

Take some time out for you.

We run multiple Mindfulness courses throughout the year. For more information or to book a place, call us on 046 9247161 or visit our Facebook page.