Seetec – Job Path

What is JobPath?

JobPath is an employment activation service that is intended to help jobseekers find and retain full-time employment. Supports from JobPath are aimed at people who are long-term unemployed and people who are newly unemployed but who may need intensive support to find work. The Department of Social Protection selects clients for JobPath on a random basis. You cannot self-select or apply to go to JobPath.

If you are selected for JobPath you will be referred to a JobPath company. There are two companies – Seetec ( and Turas Nua ( When you engage with these companies you will be assigned to a personal adviser who will assess your skills, work experience and work goals.

Your initial contact with JobPath will be a letter to advise you that you have been chosen to engage with JobPath and you will be invited to attend a group information session along with other jobseekers who have been chosen to engage with this service. If for any reason you are unable to attend this group information session you should contact the JobPath provider, either Seetec or Turas Nua, and inform them that you are unable to attend. Following this initial group information session a further one-to-one meeting will be arranged with your personal adviser.

The adviser will draw up a Personal Progression Plan with you, which will include a series of activities and actions designed to help you get a job. These might include work experience, training and other relevant supports. You will be given career advice and helped with CV and interview preparation. You can also get support and advice about starting your own business, with access to the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance scheme.

You keep your Jobseekers payment while on JobPath. Generally the service lasts for a year (52 weeks). If you find a job the JobPath company, Seetec or Turas Nua, will continue to work with you while you are in employment for up to a year. It will give particular support during the first few weeks of employment.

Depending on local arrangements, while you are on JobPath you may sign on for your Jobseekers payment less often than you do at present, or in some situations you may not have to sign on at all.