Adoption Tracing Peer Support

Outreach Programme in Kells People’s Resource Centre

Adoption Rights Alliance services are usually provided over the internet or through our helpline. We are now pleased to extend this service through a pilot Outreach Programme at Kells People’s Resource Centre in Co. Meath. The Outreach Programme is intended to serve those who might not have regular internet access or expertise, or those who are seeking one-to-one assistance with searching, reunion or other adoption issues. Please see below for further details of our services.

Our services are run by adopted people who have many years experience in both voluntary and professional work in the area of adoption. These services are operated on a peer to peer information basis. The purpose of our services is to provide information on tracing, reunion, complaints and any other issues that may arise. It is not a counselling service and clients are referred to appropriate services where necessary.

The Outreach Programme (along with all of Adoption Rights Alliance’s services) is operated by volunteers and therefore will be by appointment only. Please phone Kells People’s Resource Centre at 046-9247161 to make an appointment.

Information and tracing

Adoption Rights Alliance has compiled Tracing Handbooks to assist adopted people and others affected by adoption in the tracing process. These handbooks are available to download from our website. If you do not have internet access we are happy to provide the Handbooks free of charge.


If you are about to reunite with a natural parent and/or family member and would like to talk about how to approach the situation, please feel free to contact us for a chat.


Being adopted brings with it unique feelings that friends and family may not understand. Peer support – i.e. adopted people supporting each other – is a great way to express those unique feelings and sentiments to people who fully understand what you’re going through. This peer support service is normally provided in our online forums.

Advocacy and Complaints

If you have a complaint against an adoption agency or the Adoption Authority, or if you are concerned or unsure about how you are being treated, or, if you even have some feedback to give your agency, please feel free to contact us in complete confidence.

Illegal adoptions

If you were illegally adopted, or suspect you were illegally adopted you are welcome to get in touch with us for help and advice.